Find tech jobs within purpose-driven organizations

Start coding for good

Use your skills and expertise for a good cause. Get hired directly by my client, and:

  • Work with cool tech,
  • Co-work with smart, inspiring colleagues,
  • Get a decent paycheck

As a bonus, you will receive my coaching that leads you to the ideal environment for you to flourish.


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Hire like-minded tech talents

Tap into 20+ years of experience in sustainable match-making, and:

  • Engage in a strong partnership with a seasoned tech recruiter, dedicated to purpose-driven companies,
  • Find your vacancies in a niche alongside those of like-minded companies,
  • Develop a strong employer brand and attract the best candidates to enrich your organization


Start hiring for good

Connecting tech talents to purpose-driven organizations

  • We share your CV only with your consent
  • The companies we partner with, all share our values and our vision of making the world a better place through technology
  • We know our clients from experience
  • The perfect match is not always the most obvious.


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