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Meaningful companies that help make the world a better place, in particular software companies, struggle to find the right personnel. On the other hand, IT talents struggle to find the right company with the right values for them.

As a result, companies end up with sky-high recruitment fees they pay for employees that often leave within a year. IT professionals, on the other hand, are stalked by average recruiters and agencies who think Java and JavaScript are the same and don’t understand what you do.

What makes IT Headhunter a refreshingly unique, trustworthy, and meaningful recruitment partner, is the way we work from a point of view where our core values overlap. With a mind set to make this world a better place, IT Headhunter acts like a guide and coach, unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before.

Long-term collaborations with purpose-driven companies, and with people willing to work for a greater cause, ensures IT Headhunter make the best possible matches for both the companies and the job-seekers, at any stage of their careers.

”Marcel looks at you as a person and not as a piece of paper, which is something that I miss in today’s hiring processes. He really put the effort into understanding my situation before presenting my CV and kept me informed throughout the process with great empathy. The interviews worked out well, and I got a job offer within two weeks. Thank you, Marcel!“

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”Marcel has been thinking with us on a strategic level about the company’s future and demonstrated a good understanding of our company culture. For us, work experience is just as important as being a good fit with our team. He brought in over a dozen colleagues, some of which still work with us after more than ten years! If you are looking for an independent recruiter to fill up new positions in your company, we would recommend Marcel any day.“

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I was last employed by, an R&D (new) media company for education, healthcare, and cultural heritage before I founded Hebbes in 2006. I worked for many different companies, but working for meaningful software companies to improve healthcare and work with cool technology, re-opened my eyes. Over time, I’ve met a lot of IT professionals willing to work at companies that matter. It became clear to me what made me the best possible recruiter: partnering with a type of company that I could work for myself.

Are you looking to find some assistance in finding a new IT job in Healthcare, Education, Sustainability, or Environment? Leave your CV, your phone number, or your email, so we can reach out to you and learn about your career goals.

IT Headhunter | Marcel de Jong
Marcel de Jong, founder of IT Headhunter

The rules we play by:

  • We only recruit for companies we like
  • We know our clients from experience
  • We always discuss where your CV is sent to
  • Not all our matches are obvious
  • We believe in karma, but have a mortgage as well