Finding a new IT-job in the Netherlands during pandemic

How to find a new IT-job in the Netherlands during the pandemic


The world is shaken up once again. National economies worldwide took a big hit when COVID first happened, early 2020. European countries were no exception. Even in IT, vacancies were being put on hold, infused by business owners who suddenly became uncertain if they could survive the lockdown.

The Dutch economy had remained relatively stable compared to surrounding countries. However, and quite contradictory as some may say, the job market in the Netherlands took a big hit. Although some industries flourish under COVID-circumstances, your career in IT may turn out to be a strong lifeline in times of crisis. And yet, you will still have to look thoughtfully and be aware things may have changed forever.

Does this dark thunder cloud called Coronavirus have a silver lining that shimmers ever so brightly?


Why socially involved companies are more likely to hire you?

Pandemic or not, simply because whatever it is they’re doing, they do it at a significantly higher scale than before. 

Companies acting for a greater cause stay true to their DNA and continue to hire with a different mindset, as their core business is purpose-driven, rather than profit-focused.

Mainly IT companies in Healthcare, Education, and Sustainability, work to solve many of the problems COVID causes. Digitalization suddenly has become more valuable than ever before, to governmental organizations, commercial businesses, and individuals alike.

 The demand for tech talents in the fields of e-commerce, data science, but also in cybersecurity is high as ever, facilitating secure homeschooling, cloud computing and virtual collaboration, and providing healthcare solutions.

How to prepare and what to prepare for?

New IT-job during pandemic

It goes without saying, that making sure your profiles on Linkedin, Indeed, or whatever platform you’re on for professional purposes, are up-to-date. Networking will help you get in the picture of the companies most interesting for you.

Continuation of the COVID-measures has made it a little harder to visit the office physically, so try to get a good impression of the building, office spaces, and meet future colleagues ‘in person’. Utilize networking tools such as Whereby, Zoom, or Skype well and insist on seeing your future colleagues in a more personal way, preferably without the manager or the CEO around. 

Learning how they interact and work with each other will give you an accurate idea of how you’ll fit in.


How IT Headhunter helps you find the job of your dreams, even in days of crisis

IT Headhunter works exclusively with clients who center their core business around a greater cause. We emphasize the importance of the best candidate experience and consult our clients to enable them. With a strong network in Healthcare IT, Sustainability IT, and Education IT, our clients are among the companies that flourish in eras like these. Their demand for tech talent is high as ever, which is why we still offer the most meaningful jobs.


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