Privacy Statement

Coding for Good

Coding for Good collects your personal details when you apply for a job or when a head hunter selects you with your online profile data.
This information will we use to make a profile of you for the targeted job. We will assess your profile to match the criteria of the companies.

We will only use the information you share for an application.

We will use your information for the specific job, but you can also ask for a longer storage term. In that case, we can contact you again for any other vacancies which we think are suitable.


Which information do we collect*?

If you apply, we collect the following data:

  • Name
  • Email address
  • Telephone Number
  • Home Address
  • Age (if provided)
  • Your application letter
  • Your CV/Profile

If we select you online, through a job board, or your online profile, we collect the following data:

  • Name
  • Email address
  • Telephone number (if visible)
  • Work history (if visible)
  • Education background (if visible)

*Your CV/(online) profile can contain more information than mentioned in the previous lists. You are responsible for the content of those files.


What do we do with your information?

We assess your profile to select you for our great jobs. We can use your profile details to check references and background. After the application period, we will store your data for a year. But only when you have given permission upfront. If permitted, we can assess your profile in the future for other great jobs. We share your details with our clients. But only with the clients where you applied.

We use cookies on our website
Yes, we know! You probably know everything about cookies. You’re an IT-specialist, but we have to explain what we do with our cookies. You can skip this part if you’re already informed. Or suggest a better explanation 😉.

Cookies are small files that a browser stores on the hard disk of your computer. The website recognizes you when you revisit the site.
IT Headhunter uses these tracking cookies to measure the effectiveness of their services. These cookies have little effect on your privacy because we will store them under a pseudonym.

Cookies also offer the possibility to use user names, passwords, and other services that you have installed. Coding for Good does not influence that. You are responsible for these kinds of cookies.

You can delete cookies in your browser when you don’t want to store them. You can also delete cookies on your computer.


Viewing your details

You have the right to look into your personal details. You may correct them or delete them. You also have the right to stop sharing your details earlier than initially intended.

If you like to correct or delete something, please feel free to send an email to