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Do you have some spare hours left? And would you like to contribute to this great initiative? Be the change that you would like to see in the world.


Gevonomy goes back to natural principles, where abundance and prosperity are a result of joint responsibility and trust.

Within nature, every part is equally important, no part is superior to the other. Atoms form molecules, molecules form cells, cells form organs, organs form bodies. It is one powerful whole that exists by virtue of mutual dependence.

It is time that the current selfishness, deficits and fears are replaced by abundance, trust and sharing. Time for a truly new society. One that is separate from power and money. A society in which everyone is assisted with advice, deeds, services, goods and things. Where no one ever has to go hungry, no roof over his/her head and no one ever has to be alone.


Gevonomie is looking for an App developer with iOS and Android experience for app development and maintenance.

We are very busy behind the scenes with the Gevonomie App and could use some support. We are looking for an App developer who wants to help us with minor adjustments to the app. The basis of the App is in place and it is now about fine tuning.

We are looking for a developer who would like to assist us with textual changes and small programming tasks within the app. It would be great if someone could pick this up, then the App Builder can focus on the main issues and we can speed up the process up to launch.

Who would like to help us? A few hours a week would be great!


  • Experience with Object oriented programming is desirable!
  • Experience deploying new releases/fixes to the AppStore / PlayStore is required.
  • Knowledge of FTP/GIT is required for maintaining the servers.

The following techniques are used for the App:

  • Android Studio (Java).
  • Objective-C + Swift).

The apps use the following server technologies:

  1. API Server -> The tools to store and search this data are: “MongoDB”, “Neo4j”, “Elasticsearch”, “Node.js”.This server communicates with the app through a program that runs on this server and has been specially developed for the Gevonomie App with “Node.js”. (Within “Node.js” some pre-fabricated code is used “Express.js”.).
  2. Chat Server -> The tools to store the chat data are “MongoDB”, “Eclipse Mosquitto”, “MQTT Broker”, “Elasticsearch” and “Node.js”. The communication between the app and the servers is developed with “Node.js” using “Server.js”.


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